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About this event

Once again, Swaby Group is inviting all welding enthusiasts to come out and showcase your welding capabilities and hone your already great welding skills. Seasoned welders can share their knowledge and literally and figuratively \"pass the torch\" on to aspiring welders and those passionate about learning all about this fascinating trade. There is no age limit to those who are interested in welding. All are welcome and the event is always free of charge.\ \ If you\'re new to welding, you too can come and get some hands-on instruction, learn basic welding, and practice different welding techniques under the watchful eyes of some of the area\'s best welders. Bring your portable welder if you need help setting it up or if you prefer to use your own equipment. We\'ll have helmets and gloves or you can also bring your own.\ \ This year we are introducing some of our newest welding and cutting equipment such as our house brand AC/DC TIG welder, and MIG welders, the new electric handheld ARC welder, and our Plasma Cutters. If you\'re not familiar with our welding and cutting equipment, then come and test them out for yourself.\ \ We are also introducing our first ever Weld-off Competition for skilled and daring welders. To participate, you need to register here - > Participation is free, but space is limited, so sign up early. There will be great prizes as well. Come early and skip the queue.\ \ We\'ll also have lots of heavily discounted items on sale, so mark your calendar. The grill will be lit and there will be food and drinks enough for all participants. Set a reminder now. Don\'t let this opportunity pass you by. Come out and be a part of this great community event and help us celebrate the art of welding.